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What is life coaching and why everyone need one?

You might heard about life coaching before. TV programs, internet, your colleague. What is life coaching and why everyone need one, you might ask.

Sometimes it is hard to see your blind spots, find a way to your dreams, or discover your life path. Do you want to know what life coaches do to encourage discovery, support you in creating action, and why everyone need one? You can find answers below…

Who are Life Coaches and What is Life Coaching?

According to Tony Robbins (arguably one of the greatest life coaches), and his website, life coach is a professional, trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results. During life coaching session, life coach encourages and counsels clients on a range of professional and personal issues. As described in our article “Life Coaching vs Therapy vs Counseling? What to choose and when”, life coaching is different from counseling, mentoring and administering therapy. You hire a coach to help you with specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions.

As you can see, life coaching is not focused on the client’s mental health issues, instead, life coaches help a person or team identify a goal (i.e. winning) and then they develop a plan for that person or group.

To Help You Achieve More Clarity Around Your Purpose And Passions In Life

Some people know exactly what they want from life, why they want it, and don’t need any help in reaching their goals, but there are also many of us who don’t. To get more clarity on these things you will need a better idea about who you are, and about things that make life meaningful for you, and grant you a sense of purpose. And working with a life coach can be very helpful to get a better notion of who you are, discover your skills, talents, and gifts, and understand what exactly gives your life meaning.

There often are many blind spots below the surface when you try to uncover yourself. But if you will resort to the help of a life coach and their use of open and catalytic questions along with attentive listening, you may get clearer on things you really want, and consequently on the direction and steps that you need to take to achieve them

To Help You Work Through Solutions To Specific Problems

Every coaching session is unique just as much as every relationship. Some people don’t have any specific goal in mind when they come to a coaching session while others will have exact problems that they want to work through and find a way out of.

Your goal might be to improve the relationship you have with your friends or to start your own business, or something else, and in any case, having a life coach can really help you in identifying the obstacles or barriers that are preventing you from reaching your goals. It is usually very difficult to correctly assess the situation when you are knee-deep in it, and a life coach can assist you in changing your perspective and identifying new solutions to specific problems.

To Help You Engage Better And Being Fully Present

Life can be confusing sometimes, there are no two ways about it. Many of us regularly feel like we never have a minute to stop, and that we are rushing through life at a high speed. That is especially true if you have a distinct goal or destination that you are aiming toward. But in doing this it is so easy to miss the journey itself, which is one of the most important, and enjoyable parts.

Many coaches include mindfulness methods into their strategy, and getting better at implementing mindfulness practices will allow you to get yourself back to the present moment when things move too fast. Another benefit of this approach is that you will be better able to find pleasure in some of life’s simpler things that are happening here and now, instead of constantly reflecting and striving toward the big goal in the future.

To Help You Set Goals And Make A Plan Of Action To Achieve Them

Setting goals for yourself can be a tricky process, as short-term goals can be hard to pull from an ever-evolving wave of thoughts and wants, while long-term ones can oftentimes be hard to visualise. A clear understanding of where exactly you would prefer to be in the future along with the steps to get there can be priceless, but for many people, this could also be an intense and intimidating prospect.

In taking the space and asking clear, reflective questions about yourself, a coach will have the ability to expertly guide you through the tricky and complex process of setting your goals. A life coach can improve your perception of both your current and future wants and needs.

A specialist can also assist you in reaching these goals by creating a plan of action together with you in order to achieve the outcomes that you want. When consulting about future goal-setting, making a plan that is actually realistic is one of the most common and at the same time difficult aspects.

An effective and experienced life coach will not just be certain to verify that each and every part of your plan for the future is possible but will also work with you to find out the extent to which you need to fill out this plan. Doing so will let you have the required level of clarity for you to sustain real change.

To Help You Create Different Systems And Structures In Order to Increase Productivity

Everybody hears other people wishing to have more hours in the day all the time. But most often the problem is actually not in the lack of time, but more in the way you currently spend yours. If you will focus on increasing productivity, it could provide an answer to a lack of time and this is one of the many areas that a life coach can help with.

A good life coach will be able to help you put various habits and structures in place, which means that you could use your time more efficiently, and in turn will improve your chances of hitting the goals more consistently.

Maybe you want to learn to set yourself up for the best possible start to each day by using a regular morning routine that will put you in a good frame of mind. Or maybe you want to have a structure that will allow you to free up some time by better managing your activities. In any case, having a life coach might help to improve your productivity and give you more time to work towards your goals and personal growth.

Life Coaches can help you to improve your abilities

Life coaching can be life changing experience. Working with the life coach can help you to get:

  • Better Mental Clarity: life coaches can help you to understand what is important for you, and what is not.
  • Concentrate on your goals, and improve your performance
  • Find new success outside of your Comfort Zone: growth is always found when you step out of your comfort zone, and life coach can help you to do a first step.
  • Improve Creativity: creativity is in the heart of the change, personal and professional. Work with the life coach to find new perspective and new way to achieve your goals.
  • To become better problem solver:  life coaching can teach you to identify problems and turning them into opportunities for growth and improvement.
  • Having Fun: As you know, joyful journey leads to happy destinations. Sometimes we forget how to enjoy our life, and life coaching can help you to bring colors and fun back.
  • Self-Discovery and awareness: finding inner balance and harmony by connecting with one’s Self is key to any happy and fulfilled life. Life coach can offer you better ways to understand yourselves and become better person.

In a nutshell, life coaching can help to change and improve client’s thought pattern, make it more proactive and to achieve something in their lives. Simply put, life coaching can make you a better version of you!

Now you understand what is life coaching and why everyone should consider to try it!

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