Even if you heard about life coaches, and what they can do for people to improve motivation or reach goals, I think you never thought that coaching can be applied to different areas of life, well beyond professional and performance realms.

In this article, I’m going to show you how life coaching can improve your health, and well being, who are the health coaches and what they can do to improve the quality of your life and people around you. 

Let’s get started.

Health Coaches vs. Life Coaches

It is quite important to know the difference between a health coach and a life coach. Even though life coaches can address a number of issues that can impact your health, such as clients’ stress levels or work-life balance, they are generally trying to help people achieve certain goals in their careers, relationships, and general lives.

In some instances, health coaches are also known as health and wellness coaches, or integrative health coaches.

The Key Benefits of Health Coaching

Health coaches work together with your doctor to guide you on positive lifestyle modifications. This might include stress reduction, healthier eating habits, and physical exercises for the benefit of not just your body, but also mind and soul.  When your whole body is well-nourished, your stress levels will decrease, along with the risk of chronic illnesses, and you will gain a much healthier and more peaceful outlook on life.

As you will start to make healthier lifestyle choices, you will notice right away clearer skin, better sleep, and an overall healthy feeling. You will be able to reach a healthier weight and be better able to enjoy all parts of life.

A caring health coach will use the personalized approach to your health and through it will help you in your journey to optimum health and wellness. You will work together with your health coach in order to create a personalized plan that will include numerous methods to improve your health.

For people who are looking to make positive changes in their health and enhance their wellbeing, health coaches might be able to provide more in-depth and personal guidance than what is normally available through standard healthcare. And besides that, health coaches can often help their clients in bringing doctor-recommended changes to their diet and lifestyle which will, in their turn, protect against bigger health issues.

As well as experiencing certain improvements to their health, a lot of clients find that using the services of a health coach helps them to sharpen decision-making skills, improve their self-awareness, and even boost their confidence.

And the ultimate goal of any health coach is to empower each and every client to take charge of their own health. As they increase their own sense of agency, clients will start to feel more in control of making healthy choices every day and overcoming obstacles in the long run.

How Exactly Does Health Coaching Work?

Health coaches work to focus on your singular strengths, and then assist you in engaging those strengths in order to achieve your health goals. And at the same time, health coaches will try to identify your biggest areas of struggle and provide the necessary support to overcome all of those struggles.

Those things most of the time involve making small, incremental adjustments to your lifestyle, as health coaching doesn’t approve of quick fixes and emphasizes sustainable change. For most people, health coaching also entails testing out many kinds of approaches to eating and working out so that each client can find the one approach that works best. And since health coaches typically view health problems in a holistic context, it is possible that your coach will take into account such factors as your work, relationships, and other essential elements of your life as they lead you to better health.

Working With a Health Coach to Endure a Chronic Condition

As health coaching becomes increasingly more popular, a greater number of doctors are connecting their patients with coaches in their treatment plans for such health conditions as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Some studies have suggested that health coaching is a promising new strategy for assisting patients in making behavior modifications that might prevent or manage diabetes as well as other chronic conditions. Health coaches will work with you one-on-one in order to help you achieve your diet, lifestyle, and health goals. This involves assisting you with precise plans to take your doctor’s prescribed supplements, cutting on sugar, avoiding the allergens, and finding enough time to sleep. Health Coaching could be beneficial for everyone who wishes to improve their health as well as happiness but is finding it hard to do it on their own.

What You Need to Watch Out For Before Working With a Health Coach

Before you decide to start working with a health coach, you should keep in mind that health coaches can’t actually diagnose or treat any kind of health condition, nor should they try to replace care with licensed healthcare professionals. If you are concerned about a serious health problem, first of all, consult your main care provider instead of a health coach. And while considering working with a health coach, be sure to pick a coach with proper training and certification. Many colleges and universities throughout the U.S. are now offering health coaching certification programs, and the majority of these institutions could help you connect with a coach.

While health coaches usually have only private practices, some of them work in clinical settings, spas, gyms, or health clubs. Sessions with your coach can be performed in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing. Many health coaches most of the time work one-on-one with their clients, but others offer sessions involving a small group of clients that have similar health goals. Regardless of how the session will look like, be sure you work with a coach who is a good fit for you and get the most benefits out of your sessions.

In the End..

We are living in the age of personalization, and approach to your health and wellbeing shouldn’t be different.

Health Coaches can work together with your doctors and improve the quality of your life by changing your habits, motivation and goals toward a better, healthier life.

As famous philosopher Erasmus said in around the 1500s “prevention is better than cure”, and this is still very true today.

Live better, live longer, life coaching can give you all instruments and knowledge you need!

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